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1. General provisions

MigAdvisor offers professional help in the field of migration. We specialize in obtaining of work permits and visa support for foreigners in Russia.

2. Using this website

The exclusive right to this website (the “Website”) belongs to MigAdvisor.

MigAdvisor holds the exclusive right to all materials published on the Website and/or has a licence from the right holder to use such materials on the Website.

Users of the Website may view, copy and quote any information on the Website, as well as print out pages of the Website containing information to make paper copies of them, if such use of information is intended for personal, informational and non-commercial purposes only and provided that all copyright signs, related rights signs, trademarks and any other notifications of authorship are preserved and a reference to the Website is included. Distributing any (printed or electronic) content of the Website or making such content available for public access in any form without MigAdvisors's written consent is prohibited.

If any materials published on the Website are used for commercial purposes or changed, this violates MigAdvisor's rights to results of intellectual activities and means of identification, and may entail the offender facing the liability provided for by Russian legislation.

The Website should be used in accordance with Russian legislation. Please send any questions regarding the use of this Website to MigAdvisor’s email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We reserve the right to change and/or delete at any time and without a prior notice, entirely or partially, any materials published on the Website.

3. Confidentiality

MigAdvisor uses personal information of users of the Website in order to provide such users with services and related information as well as to advise of changes in migration legislation.

4. Disclaimer

The information published on the Website is provided for informational purposes only and it is not intended to be used as a legal opinion or advice. MigAdvisor has made every effort to prepare, publish and verify materials on the Website, but despite this fact, we cannot guarantee that they are absolutely accurate, complete and relevant. Neither can we guarantee that access to the Website will be uninterrupted and failure-proof. Under no circumstances can MigAdvisor be held liable for any losses which Website users may incur in connection with using the Website.

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